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About FITA

Who are we?

The Fish Industry Training Association (Highlands & Islands) Ltd - FITA was incorporated on 11 February 2005 as a company limited by guarantee. It was formed to carry on the business and activities of the Fish Industry Training Association (Highlands & Islands) in succession to that Association which had been formed in November 1990 as a result of the merger of the Highlands and Island Fish Processors Association and FITA the Association.

It is a specialist organisation focussed on providing and promoting training, learning, skills and qualifications along with technical advice, resources and services, especially for companies, business and individuals in all sectors of the fish industry.

Its directors represent different sectors of the fisheries industry.

FITA is a Seafish Approved Training Provider

Seafish Approved Training Provider

The people who make up FITA Ltd.

Lachie Paterson based at Carradale, Argyll is FITA’s full time Training Manager mainly responsible for the sea-fish catching, and aquaculture sectors.
Roddy McColl - Secretary to FITA Ltd.


Robyn Dutton - Vice Chairman.
George Hodgson, Terry Jack, Tony Kenning and Kenneth MacNab

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